Help more customers faster

Use a Notion table to create in minutes!

It's Free. No coding required.

Self service, to answer your customer's questions anytime.
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Reduce Tickets
Customers don't have to write an email or chat, every time they need help. Reduce the load on your customer support team and save time.
Clean & Fast
The helpcenter you get here is modern and functional. Your customers are going to find help using it.
Scale without Limits
Be it a dozen or thousands of customers, give them all the same level of help when needed.
Easy to Manage
Building and managing the helpcenter is super easy using our simple dashboard and keeping the content in notion.

Clean & Fast

A blazingly fast documentation website that comes with an easy-to-use search box. Search that finds the most accurate help article relevant to a search keyword.

Beautifully arranged categories to guide every user at every step. A quick action contact form that can create a customer ticket in any support software.

What more do you need?

Manage Articles using Notion

You don't need to learn a new tool to manage help articles
Each row in Notion table is a new help article
Every update in Notion is pushed automatically
Use Notion editor to add headings, images, tips

Share Link or Add as Widget

Connect with a custom domain like "" or share the link, "" with your customers.

You can add it as a help widget inside your website and let customers get the support they need without them leaving your platform.

4 Easy Steps to Create

Copy our Notion table template

We have a pre-built template for a Notion Table to add all your articles. They are arranged based on category with relevant search-keywords for each article.

Just copy our Notion template to start making edits.

Start adding your help articles

Add a new row to your Notion Table to add a new help article. Fill in the necessary information such as category, keywords & subtitle.

Use Notion's best in class editor to add content to your Help article. Add images or videos as you choose to make the article interactive.

Design your

Customize your by adding your brand colours. Set icons for your categories to match with your overall theme.

Also make sure to set your SEO data to add visibilty for search engines.

Time to go public!

You have added your articles in Notion & designed the to match your brand.

Now it's time to share with your customers. You can connect it with your custom domain. Also, you can add it as a widget inside your website to provide support right there.

Make your customers and support team happy.

Reduce customer tickets
Add as a help widget
Manage using Notion
Easy to use
Clean URL
Mobile Optimized