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Help your customers resolve issues themselves instantly with our AI knowledge base and AI chatbot.

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Use the shared email Inbox to manage & reply customer conversations super fast.

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You can easily improve answers by adding more information.

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"The app is super well-made and has been nothing but a pleasure to use."

Malte Prüser


"We recently integrated into Dukaan and the impact was immediate.

The AI-powered features made setting up our help center a breeze, cutting down setup time to almost instant.

Our customer satisfaction rates have soared, thanks to the intuitive design and real-time support.

If you’re not using, you’re missing out."

Suumit Shah

Founder, Dukaan

" is incredibly easy to use, with all the features you want and none of the clutter.

The design of both the backend and the knowledge base itself makes it easy to incorporate for our entire product ecosystem.

The smart search allows our users to almost immediately find the answer they're looking for!"

Travis B. Mitchell

" made my job easy.

Repetitive questions are now handled by the AI and I am concentrating on issues that absolutely requires my attention."

Sibel Şengül

Customer support,

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Import Intercom, Freshdesk or Zendesk articles in less than a minute.

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or try these help centers: ProductHunt or OpenAI

Disclaimer: Demo chat can  only be trained on a maximum of 100 pages from your help center and the replies may not be accurate.

All the features you need

Automatic Learning

The AI requires no initial setup time. Each time you add or modify an article, it becomes better automatically.
AI builds it's knowledge using:

  • Help center articles
  • AI FAQs
  • External websites

Multilingual support at scale

No matter how many and which language customers ask you questions,
Give them same level of support.

Provide support 24x7

Provide customer support around the clock even when your support agents are asleep or on vacation.

All questions are answered

Customers get answers from AI chatbot and AI search. They can easily raise an email ticket to get more help.

Keyboard shortcuts for all tasks

Reply to tickets, change statuses or navigate between conversations. Optimized to boost your productivity.

Frequently asked questions

What is is a full-fledged knowledge base solution powered with AI to help customers get instant answers. You can have website where customers can use AI search and also deploy an AI chat widget to your website to support customers in a conversational way.

Why should I use AI in a help center?

AI is the next step towards helping customers faster. Reduce resolution times and deflect repetative support tickets.
This saves you a lot of time and money.

Can I import articles from Intercom or Zendesk?

Yes! You can import existing help articles from knowledge bases like Intercom, Crisp, Zendesk and Freshdesk in one click.
If you need help in importing existing support content, you can mail us at  [email protected].

Can I connect with my own domain?

Yes, you can change to your own custom domain like
Kindly mail us at [email protected] with an email request.

How to improve the answers given by AI?

AI takes it’s knowledge from help articles. You can change the content of the article and it will automatically improve the answers.

Also you can see all the AI conversations inside the dashboard. You can see answers that are reported by users. It is possible to improve AI answer by giving more information. That will also instantly improve your AI.

Can I use content from my website in AI?

Our AI primarily works using help articles. But yes, you can enter your website and our AI search and chat will start answering customer's questions based on that content also.

Does work using ChatGPT?

We use Open AI's latest and greatest model GPT-4 to create an AI from your knowledge base. It automatically learns every help article. When a customer asks a question, it scans through all the help articles to generate the best and easy-to-understand answer for the customer.

How secure is my data and where is it located?

Our servers and databases are hosted by AWS located in EU region.  Your data may be processed outside of EU by Open AI chatGPT if you use our AI features.

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Free forever. Import existing articles in one-click!
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