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Let customers help themselves!

The AI knowledge base will reduce support ticket volume and bring down resolution time.
Self service, to let
customers help themselves around the clock.
Reduce Tickets
Customers don't have to write an email or chat, every time they need help. Reduce the load on your customer support team and save time.
Clean & Fast
With a minimal and functional Help Center, your customers can easily find the information they need.
Scale without Limits
Be it a dozen or thousands of customers, everyone gets the same level of assistance as required.
Easy to Manage
Our dashboard is designed to make it simple for anyone to manage help articles and arrange categories.

Create your Knowledge base in 3 steps

Step 1

Add Articles

Use our WYSIWYG editor to write SEO optimized articles.

Our text editor helps you write and format content without having to worry about HTML or CSS.

You can add headings, bold or italicize text, insert images, embed videos, and create tables with just a few clicks.

Step 2


Choose a color scheme that matches your company's brand.

Our Help Center automatically organizes articles neatly into specified categories. It is designed to be simple, clean and modern, with a focus on readability and usability.

Build a user-friendly and informative knowledge base, which is 100% SEO optimized.

Step 3

Share with customers

Make your Help Center more accessible to all customers.

Connect with a custom domain like "" or share the link, "" with your customers.

You can also add it as a help widget inside your website and let customers get the support they need without them leaving your platform.

And... there are more features

AI answers

Unleash the power of AI 🤖

Powered by ChatGPT, AI is ready to answer customers' questions in the most human-like manner possible.

We are training and creating an awesome chatbot that will study the help center articles you have added and assist customers in the same way a customer support agent would.

This will help you save hours of time in the support process and reduce the number of direct customer conversations.

Manage Articles Easily

You don't need to learn a new tool to manage help articles
Each row in Notion table is a new help article
Every update in Notion is pushed automatically
Use Notion editor to add headings, images, tips

Chat widget

Add as a custom Help widget

Create a custom help widget for your website to assist your customers in easily searching for answers. This way, customers won't have to leave your platform, which can increase retention.

You can add links to different resources that may be relevant to your customers. Additionally, you can design the widget to match your website's aesthetic.

Ticket Creation

Forward tickets to your favourite support tool

You can easily forward tickets to your favourite customer support software with our help center.

Thus you can streamline your support process and provide a faster, more efficient response to your customers. We ensure that you provide excellent customer support and improve your business operations.

Make your customers & support team happy 🤩

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Free forever. Import existing articles in one-click!
Reduce customer tickets
AI resolves queries instantly
Get branded
Train AI using external websites
Improve AI answers anytime
Add as a chat widget
AI automatically learns
Mobile & SEO friendly