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Pricing FAQ

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What is is a full-fledged knowledge base solution powered with AI to help customers get instant answers. You can have website where customers can use AI search and also deploy an AI chat widget to your website to support customers in a conversational way.

What is an AI conversation?

An AI conversation can be either a chat conversation in chatbot or a search session in knowledge base.

All questions asked by a customer to AI until they close/reload the chatbot is combined and counted as one AI conversation.

Similarly, all searches done by a customer until they close the browser tab, is also counted  as one AI conversation.

Is there a free plan?

Yes,creating knowledge base is 100% free.

You can upgrade if you need more AI usage and  powerful features.

What is AI search and AI chat?

AI search and AI chat are two artificial intelligent features in

AI search is available in the shareable knowledge base ( Your customers can ask a question in search box and get instant answer summarising the search results.

AI chat is available as a chatbot that can be added as widget to your website or dashboard. Customers can ask questions and followups in a conversational style. If chatbot can't answer the question, user have option to request email support any time.

What are custom answers?

Custom answers are short question & answer pairs used to improve AI responses. They are added in addition to your help articles to help the AI give better answers to customers.

By using custom answers,  AI will give more accurate replies to frequently asked questions and reduce hallucinations.

Can I create multiple help centers?

Yes, you can create multiple help centers with same user account. Please note that our pricing is per help center.

How can I connect with my own domain?

You can change to your own custom domain like You can set the domain from our dashboard and add DNS configuration in your domain.

How secure is my data and where is it located?

Our servers and databases are hosted at Amazon Web Services located in EU region.

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